Published On: 27/04/2022

A solution to leverage glass recycling

The case of EmDoT’s waste management cloud platform applied to HE.R.R.Co.

The challenge

Instead of ending up as common waste, glass is collected in more than 8,500 Blue Bells throughout Greece. Many of the Blue Bells serve the needs of major producers and business venues which consume large quantities of glass packaging. Responsible for collecting and transporting glass is HE.R.R.Co –  the Hellenic Recovery Recycling Corporation. Recently, the amount of recyclable glass has been increased, leading HE.R.R.Co to the establishment of a separate stream for glass recycling and to the rapid expansion of its Blue Bells network.

To address the upcoming operational challenges and heavy workloads, EmDoT was commissioned to apply its waste management platform, to automate the information flow and to increase the effectiveness of collection and transportation.

The solution

EmDoT’s solution for waste management digitalizes the process of material collection and
includes both a mobile app and a web platform. The mobile app records the visits to Blue Bells, identifies their unique codes through NFC Tags and informs online whether the collection was completed. The web platform provides real-time monitor of the collections, the Blue Bells’ geolocation and their condition, as well as route management, according to the estimated glass quantities.

The results

EmDoT’s solution has increased operational efficiency, as it drives a better decision-making, enabling a more accurate allocation of proper collection and transportation means. Therefore, it achieved an efficient and sustainable reduction of 10% of the kilometers carried out by HE.R.R.Co’s fleet, saving costs and time for the company, as well as carbon emissions for the environment.

The above situation is supported by the following information:

  • Daily route report, to monitor business continuity on a daily basis and to forecast the upcoming workloads
  • Route planning for a time efficient network service
  • Frequency of Blue Bells’ use, so that each Blue Bell can be relocated for a maximum use
  • In time service requests’ response, when problems are identified

Consequently, HE.R.R.Co has all the necessary information to make decisions about:
– the withdrawal or relocation of specific Blue Bells or the network’s expansion where required
– the evaluation of potential need to reconsider the Blue Bells’ size and
– the continuous update of the Blue Bells’ visiting schedule

EmDoT’s waste management cloud platform is designed to natively operate in the Azure Cloud Ecosystem and it is constantly evolving by our software engineers. During this process, we, the people of EmDoT, feel proud of supporting a sustainable, futureproof society, while helping our customers reach operational excellence.