Manage your distribution


Dot.OilGas is a holistic Oil and Gas secondary distribution (downstream) solution. It supports product’s lifecycle from the retail station inventory to the proof of product delivery.
Dot.OilGas incorporate cutting edge software technologies, incorporating more than 20-year experience in the industry.
You can be certain that costs are minimized both on the road and in premises, retail stations stock outs belong to the past, full load and multi-drop routes are optimized and products are tracked in real-time and secured up until the delivery.

—Cost reduction on the road and in premises
—Retail Station stock out elimination
—Transparent operations for all stakeholders
—No more manual scheduling
—Customers get the expected product, in the quantity ordered, at the right place, at the time

—Vendor Management Inventory (VMI)
—Optimized Scheduling and Dispatching
—Haulier Portal
—Vehicle Tracking
—Sealed Parcel Delivery System (SPDS)
—Product volume measurement instrument interfacing
—Estimated Time of Arrival (ETA)
—Driver’s Mobile Application
—Business Intelligence (BI)
—Driver Performance