Track and manage your vehicle fleet


Dot.Track is a complete integrated solution for tracking and managing your corporate vehicle fleet. Take control through the GPRS network, with immediate cost benefits as well as distribution and transportation strategy benefits. Dot.Track monitors, supports, simplifies and optimizes all the activities of your corporate vehicle fleet. It has been successfully installed and is operating in a large number of distribution fleets, providing innovative real-time information related to the transportation of bulk and hazardous products.

—Improved services and operational cost reduction
—Fleet monitoring and vehicle tracking
—Driver safety (driver behavior, seat belt sensing, reduce possibility of bad driver behavior and incidents)
—Temperature monitoring (Cold chain monitoring, EN12830 certification)
—Fuel consumption and carbon emissions
—Door sensor monitoring
—Electronic Identitfication of trailers and semitrailers
—Detailed bespoke reports

—Integrated Telemetry system and GPS tracking
—Real time sensors data, Temperature, Door, Fuel level, Smoke, Driver belt etc
—Wired and Wireless sensors eliminate cable installation
—Vehicle CANbus interface (can measure various parameters of vehicle status available)
—Automatic alarming and notifications
Recording events and driver behavior
Evaluating the performance of driver staff and creating driver profiles
Trigger company processes regarding safety issues
Accident detection
Theft detection
—Driver electronic identification and Panic Button
—Automatic identification of trailer etc (active RFid)
—In-vehicle messaging & call
Sensors include
Temperature EN12830 certified
Fuel level
Seat belt
Flow meter
Analog sensors
System Status (fridge, pump, generator status etc)
Vehicle CANbus (various sensors depending on model)
Modbus instrument interface (Temperature recorder systems, Mass, flow meter etc)