Dynamic Bin Weighing

  • No structural intervention in vehicle’s lifting system

  • Simple and fast installation

  • Application to all rear-end loaders

  • Universal bin identification

Inventive mechanical design and dedicatedly hardware development allows Dot.Weighing to be easily fitted either from the truck manufacturer or retrofitted to every rear-end loader without any structural intervention in vehicle’s lifting system. By accurately measuring weights of individual bins and different waste streams, the Dot.Weighing provides the necessary insight into right business decisions. It allows the monitoring of trade and domestic collection rounds to improve efficiency, while introducing pay-as-you-throw models. The collection process remains unaltered as the measurement is carried out automatically every time a waste bin is collected.

The system has been designed and developed in-house by EmDoT. We manufacture, install and service all our waste management systems.


A dedicatedly developed electronic weighing device incorporating loadcell interface, inertial measurement unit and RFID reader, communicates wirelessly with an in-cab telematics device, allowing encapsulation of weighing and container identification data, with vehicle GNSS, CAN bus and driver identification data, into a single real time message to platform. The system supports remote over air fault diagnostics, both maximizing uptime and enabling pro-active service intervention and it is also remotely upgraded and updated with improvements and features.


Due to its inventive mechanical design, it fits easily to all rear-end lifters without any structural intervention. It can either be fitted to the truck by the manufacturer, or retrofitted in second phase to all types of waste collecting vehicles.

Universal Bin Identification

The identification of the bins is achieved universally according to the directive EN 840-X which defines the specifications of the waste containers and bins, a special slot is provided on the rim of the bin so that a RFID tag can be easily placed. The reading is achieved regardless of the collection method (lifting handles or rim).


EmDoT’s conformity to ISO/IEC/IEEE 29119:2013 and ISO/IEC 25000:2014, which ensures engineering processes and overall system testing. Ongoing process of certification in accordance with Directive 2014/32/EU.

Quality Assured

EmDoT not only uses the best quality materials and parts but is also qualified in ISO 9001:2015. The Dot.Weighing solution has been designed and developed in-house. We design, develop, manufacture, install and service all our systems, concerning specifically waste management.

No Impact On Cycle Times

Dot.Weighing weighs and identifies bins during lifting without pausing the automatic cycle, therefore cycle times are not unnecessarily affected.