Published On: 29/05/2023

Creating the digital era for Roadside Assistance

The case of EmDoT’s software solutions applied for Interamerican Assistance

The challenge

With more than 1,4 million insured vehicles in Greece, service agreements with over fifty European insurance companies plus motor clubs and also contracts with six highway authorities, INTERAMERICAN Assistance delivers over half a million roadside services per year.

Doubling Interamerican roadside customers assistance and activity over the last four years, created operational challenges and heavy workloads.  In order to secure the high levels of customer satisfaction and alleviate stress on staff and providers, EmDoT was commissioned to find a solution for automation of information flow and increase the effectiveness of service demand management.

The solution

EmDoT’s solution for roadside assistance was applied for digitalization of processes, ensuring that INTERAMERICAN Assistance’s customers, contact center, drivers, vehicles and dispatch center employees are tied together in a web of continuous information flows and real-time conditions in Greece’s challenging urban and geographically diverse environment.

EmDoT’s holistic solution incorporates all stages, from receiving a call from INTERAMERICAN Assistance’s customer to its definite completion. It includes a mobile App provided to the insured customer in order to announce the event, web platform for call reception and handling, event assignment algorithms for INTERAMERICAN Assistance’s vehicles and also a mobile app for vehicles.

The results

The above Roadside assistance solution has been already applied for several months into full production mode and has delivered considerable results.

Assignment times have improved by over 30%, resulting in faster arrival times, while the more accurate allocation of proper means indicate significant savings in outsourcing costs, fewer kilometers travelled per event and better working conditions for both the drivers and the dispatchers, surpassing Interamerican’s initial expectations.

In the era of innovation and new technologies, EmDoT feels proud as a trusted partner of INTERAMERICAN Assistance for achieving the above results.