Published On: 21/12/2021

Creating the digital era for Roadside Assistance

The case of EmDoT’s software solutions applied for Interamerican Assistance

Close collaboration and thorough understanding of our customer’s business objectives leads to successful solutions based on the evolution of an innovative core product. A new flexible system developed by EmDoT’s experts, adapted for Interamerican Assistance, resulted in less strain for our customer’s staff and the maintenance of their high customer satisfaction rate.

The digitalization of every leading organization is the main strategic priority of our times. In this context, we were appointed by Interamerican Assistance to adapt our solution with the aim of helping its employees to reach out to hundreds of stranded motorists, in the most time and cost-efficient way, on a daily basis.

As a leader in its sector, our customer has achieved a remarkable growth, doubling its customers and activity within the last few years. The consequent heavy workload and operational challenges had to be encountered by a smart, integrated, easy to use solution that would alleviate the strain of our customer’s staff and would maintain its high customer satisfaction rate.

The solution

EmDoT’s team consists of professionals who encompass our customers’ business processes and needs, to provide solutions that will help their company improve operations effectiveness.

Our team started working on a system that would tie together millions of drivers and vehicles with our customer’s contact center and dispatch center employees, in a web of continuous information flows and real-time conditions in Greece’s challenging urban and geographically diverse environment are.

The features of the newly applied system solution, are the following:

  • Intelligent dispatch and routing, leading to better delivery performance, improved service speed and lowered costs.
  • Direct ETA communication and dispatch information (driver, vehicle, location on map etc.) to the customer.
  • Powerful Driver App that accommodates drivers to perform every step of required flow accurately and on time.
  • Real-Time tracking using telematics devices.

To develop our solution, we used state of the art metaheuristic algorithms for routing module and web applications for call reception and handling

The results

EmDot’s experts’ knowledge on machine learning, neural networks and state-of-the-art integer programming algorithms, all integrated in EmDoT’s solution, and in accordance with Interamerican Assistance’s needs, resulted in the full automation of the selection and assignment of appropriate resources to assist stranded motorists.

The results to-date have surpassed our customer’s initial expectations: for Interamerican Assistance, assignment times have improved by over 30%, resulting in faster arrival times. At the same time, the new system enabled the more accurate allocation of proper means, indicating significant savings for our customer and better working conditions for its drivers and dispatchers.

In the era of innovation and embrace of new technologies, we, the people of EmDoT feel proud of offering our knowledge and expertise, as a trusted partner to our customers. Our principle of understanding their business objectives and goals empowers the trust environment in which collaboration, inspiration and creativity coexist. Within this environment thrive longtime relations and collaborations.

Roadside Assistance work flow model after the new system solution application