Published On: 08/06/2023

Dot.Weighing: Innovation and Global Recognition

The international patent application for Dot.Weighing, our Dynamic Bin Weighing solution, has been recognized by the European Patent Office (EPO) in its role as International Search Authority, validating EmDoT’s commitment in customer-centric innovation.

This validation from the EPO establishes EmDoT as a rapidly developing company in the IoT waste management sector. Dot.Weighing, by EmDoT, has been submitted to the country members of the Patent Cooperation Treaty and is now approved from the International Search Authority.

How we work: Constantly innovating for our customers

The recognition from the EPO is an important milestone in our course. It validates our commitment to better understand our customers and provide them with truly innovative value propositions that address their needs. We are dedicated to being responsive and relevant, constantly striving to deliver exceptional solutions.

Actually, this is how we started working for Dot.Weighing, Dynamic Bin Weighing, at EmDoT: up to this time, waste collection companies and Municipalities coped with complex and costly installation procedures of the various weighing systems available in the market. These procedures involved extensive mechanical intervention and a complicated commissioning and certification process. In response to this, we embarked on a journey to develop an innovative solution that would be adaptable to all types of vehicles with minimal mechanical and electrical alterations.

The result of our efforts is Dot.Weighing. A modular solution, which can be easily installed to all loaders, without requiring structural intervention in vehicle’s lifting system. Furthermore, Dot.Weighing, the Dynamic Bin Weighing solution, is also able to be transferred from one vehicle to another, increasing its value.

As it usually happens, collaboration is the factor of success. To research and create Dot.Weighing, an interdisciplinary team was formed. EmDoT’s team is consisted of highly expertised Electronic Engineers, Industrial Designers and Algorithm and Software Engineers. Externally we collaborated with the NTUA Department of Mechanical Engineering and global leading load cell manufacturers.

Holistic solutions for high operating performance

Waste management is crucial. It ensures that we, humans, can continue with our lifestyle improvements without harming the environment. By addressing change now, we can build a sustainable world for everyone. Therefore, at EmDoT, we believe that research and development should quickly produce successful, functional solutions with measurable results for our customers.

Dot.Weighing, Dynamic Bin Weighing system, is part of a holistic waste management solution, integrated into a single native Azure cloud platform. The solution encapsulates data from both Dot.Weighing and ED120 bins’ level sensors. It offers accurate measuring weights of individual bins, KPIs on waste production, total waste collection cost minimization and comparison between waste volume and weight.

Overall, holistic solutions’ benefits positively impact important KPI’s, including productivity, business performance, market response time and employee engagement.

At EmDoT we are constantly working to ensure that we always remain a leading IoT solutions company and a trusted ally for our customers. Dot.Weighing’s international recognition validates our commitment to evolve.