Manage waste collection


Dot.Waste provides efficient waste management solutions for municipalities and businesses to improve efficiency with reduced cost to assist towards cleaner cities.
The solution combines unique custom developed smart devices which monitor bin fill level in real time and a weighing system on collection trucks which automatically measures the load at the moment of collection. Along with sophisticated software a powerful data based decision making system will assist on scheduling, collection routes, vehicle utilization, forecasting and analysis.

– Cost reduction on waste collection, both in the office and on the road.
– Optimize waste collection. Allocate bins and schedule collection where and when needed most.
– Improved cleanliness
– Pay as you through Municipal policies available
– Improve the well-being of people
– No more overfilled bins

– Smart Bin Devices incorporating fill level sensors, autonomous operation, NB-IoT and LoRa communication
– Theft and Fire Detection
– Automatic weighing system on collection trucks
– Optimized truck scheduling, automatic rooting and dispatching
– Real time bin data are converted into efficient trucking operations
– Driver’s Mobile Application
– Driver performance